Amman Design Week 

JO! is a new Jordanian fashion brand that has been developed within "Creative Jordan" project.

Funded by EU and the Italian Cooperation and implemented by UNIDO (United Nation Organization for Industrial Development),"Creative Jordan" is part of the regional project “CREATIVE MEDITERRANEAN - Resilience Through Creativity".It is developed in collaboration with the Garment Design & Training Services Center in Amman, and engages a team of Jordanian designers and local manufacturing factories.

From the JO! Collection

The aim of "Creative Jordan" is to improve the design and manufacturing process in the garment industry, using traditional embroidery with modern styles and facilitating the access to international markets.

Shawl by Creative Jordan

JO! is launching its first Womenswear casual collection for Spring/Summer 2017.

The ‘Creative Jordan’ team is comprised of Zein H Mango (Fashion Designer), Aida Ghanem (Embroidery Designer), Dina Maqdah (Fashion Designer/Product Developer), Suha Younis (Graphic Designer), Tallaat Haddad (Industrial Designer), and Ibrahim Al Badareen (Production Officer) and is led by UNIDO international Fashion Designer Caterina Filice.

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