Jordan Fashion Week 2019

JO! By Creative Jordan runway show in Amman.

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The even featured successful Jordanian all-stars, such as womenswear designer Laith Maalouf, Dana Shahin, Sara Mansour, and Hussam Haddadin, amongst other designers that introduced their signature-style, glamorous evening wear, as well as Fadi Zumot that impressed with edgy, gender-bending upcylced ready-to-wear pieces, and the collective JO! By Creative Jordan that merges traditional craftsmanship with sophisticated looks. 

In this context, Fadi Zumot and JO! By Creative Jordan particularly stood out. The latter is an initiative by Jordanian designer-trio that works with talented women artisans from Jordan and consists of Zain Mango, Dina Maqdah, and Ibrahim Al Badarin. The trio stood out for their ability to mix-and-match traditional Jordan crafts with modern-day design, embellishing casual sustainable denim outfits with diamond shaped stitched embroidery.

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