JO! By Creative Jordan Fashion Show Thursday 3rd November 2016

(Ras El Ain Gallery - Hangar, Amman)

On the occasion of the 16th Week of Italian Language and Culture dedicated to the theme: Italian and Creativity: Brands and Traditions, Fashion and Design, the Italian Embassy in Amman and the Garment Design & Training Services Centre (GSC) are pleased to present the first womenswear collection of the new Fashion Brand JO! on Thursday 3 November 2016 at the Ras Al Ein - Hangar in Amman.

Italian Creativity, with the unique combination of innovation, know-how and lifestyle is well known worldwide as "Made in Italy". Italy has been supporting the development of Creative Industries in Jordan through the establishment of the Garment Design & Training Services Centre, which is currently managing the Creative Jordan project.

CREATIVE JORDAN The project The fashion collection JO! Which is developed by Creative Jordan is a new Fashion Brand presenting its first Womenswear collection for Spring/Summer ’17.

It is designed by a team of Jordanian Designers and produced by Jordanian factories.

As part of the regional project ‘CREATIVE MEDITERRANEAN - Resilience through Creativity’; Creative Jordan is a project funded by the European Union and the Italian Development Cooperation and implemented by the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO).

The aim of ‘Creative Jordan’ is to improve and foster the design and manufacturing process in the garment industry in order to facilitate the access to local and international markets. It represents an important step for the Jordanian garment industry: a new team of local designers and local manufacturing factories have been working together, for the first time, to develop a womenswear collection with international standards.

JO! Collection and ‘Creative Jordan’ projects are developed in collaboration with the Garment Design & Training Services Center (GSC) in Amman. The ‘Creative Jordan’ team is comprised of Zein H Mango (Fashion Designer), Aida Ghanem (Embroidery Designer), Dina Maqdah (Fashion Designer), Tallaat Haddad (Industrial Designer), Ibrahim Al Badareen (Product Developer).

The project was managed by GSC CEO Eng. Ameed Abdel Qader and coordinated by Ms Dina Seisah. The collection has been developed under the Creative Direction of Caterina Filice, Italian Fashion Designer, UNIDO Expert. This event is supported by by Creative Jordan SS17 The collection JO! By Creative Jordan is a new Fashion Brand and it is presenting its first Womenswear collection for Spring/Summer ’17.

It is designed by a team of Jordanian Designers and produced by Jordanian factories. The Jordanian traditional garments, colours, drawings and embroidery have evolved into an original contemporary style and international taste. JO! Is casual, sophisticated, unexpected, modern, dynamic, fresh and timeless. It is traditional and new. INSPIRATION The Bedouin world has been the main source of inspiration: very easy-to-wear garments, contrasting colours, indigo-Blue dyed fabrics, geometrical embroidered decorations.

The very unique ‘Diamond’ Jordanian embroidery stitch that has disappeared in the recent past has been revived through new geometrical embroidery patterns. The traditional drawings have been translated into modern and precious embroideries on the garments. Asymmetric and unexpected embroidered touches create interesting dynamic placements, making the pieces have unusual uniqueness. SILHOUETTES The simple straight and ‘A’ line shapes of the traditional garments were developed into easy-to-wear clothes for a new casual but sophisticated wardrobe, suitable for daily-wear but also evening occasions. Shirts, shirt-dresses, top and blouses, short jackets and long robes are the core of the collection.

FABRICS The traditional Indigo-Blue hand-dyed fabric has been replaced by the contemporary and timeless Denim fabric. Original fiber mixtures create new concepts: the texture of linen, combined with the softness and smoothness of Cotton and Tencel, reaches a sophisticated blend and an unexpected enjoyable touch. A charming Cotton Sateen Denim combines the feeling of the casual material with a shiny surface.

In addition to Denim: Off-White and Cherry-Red poplin offer another fresh touch to the collection. COLOURS Primary and bright: shades of blue with a touch of white, shades of red with a touch of pink, used to obtain both strong contrasting combinations and soft melted effects, tone on tone.

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